Untitled Consciousness Project

This participatory performance with interactive media was designed to encourage audiences to explore a collective altered state of consciousness. Inspired by rites of passage and initiation,  the event was set in an exploratorium that created shifts in the perception of self, space-time and reality. The journey through the experience engineers an altered state of consciousness that mirrors a […]

The Oracle

The Oracle, an immersive living wax works, transformed The Brick, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, into an exhibition hall where artifacts and a series of live dioramas told the story of Iris Atalanta Lee. A historical figure from the first British Industrial Revolution, Lee was beheaded by the government for inciting a Luddite riot against the automation […]

Van Driver

Revolutionary, wordsmith, and world explorer, Waldo “Van” Driver spread his wisdom in the West Village as part of The Cherry Lane Theater’s Cherry Pit Late Nite series – a flashback to the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, Van Driver is a 1960’s style happening exploring life-altering experiences and the bohemian counter-culture. Waldemer Driver, best known as […]


Have you ever wondered about the nature of reality, the source of morality, and the paradox of human experience? Join the creators of Are You ALIVE?! for a journey into the mind and back again! Participate in a game show to win fabulous prizes, question your very existence, and face the challenge of a lifetime… Are You ALIVE?! is […]


  In the London Times classified section, a British family is advertising the rental of a cozy bedroom within their spacious flat. Once a week applicants are invited into the home to be interviewed and the chosen tenant mysteriously disappears – perhaps because their eldest daughter is a closet sociopath or because their youngest son […]