The Garden of Forked Tongues

Garden of Forked Tongues Teaser from Jason Schuler on Vimeo.

The Garden of Forked Tongues, is a mixed media, sci-fi, comedy adventure, following ordinary people who become involved with a tour group from another dimension. It is a journey to all corners of the universe, and to vast, unknown horizons in the mind.

Time is an illusive fixture in our lives. We cannot see it or touch it, but it controls our every action. We are always in the present, though our thoughts and emotions are often entangled with phantoms of the future or ghosts of the past. The Garden of Forked Tongues explores these ideas and other notions of time-space, parallel universes, and strange loops.

The audience, viewed the events as part of a tour group observing a tour group. A certified hypnotherapist, Jacqueline LeClaire, assisted the entire audience in entering a alternate state of reality at the beginning of the performance in order to guide them in traveling through space-time along with the characters.

The cast included the talents of Mr. Keith Chandler, Mr. Tim Donovan Jr., Mr. Adam Hyland, Ms. Jacqueline LeClaire, Mr. James Rich, Ms. Elizabeth Stine, and Mr. Harry Meatbahl.

This segment from The Garden of Forked Tongues includes two scenes. The first concerns insurance agents from another dimension confronting personal issues. The second shows an ordinary man being kidnapped by an alien creature. The scene ends with an extraordinary man making a connection between the alien and audience. This piece was an exploration of quantum mechanics, parallel universes and paradox. All the characters represent one hypothetical being – the audience. It is important to note that the audience views the piece as part of a tour group, watching the story of a tour group who may be the audience. They are lead by a certified hypnotherapist who hypnotizes them in order to believe they are actually traveling through space-time with the characters. The clip illustrates our mixing of traditional and non-traditional methods of storytelling.

This is one of the tour groups that visit the theater during the performance. They are projected into the upstage doorway.