Maraschino Autopsy Report

A performance art piece by Andrea Lauer and Jason Schuler titled, Maraschino Autopsy Report, presented in Red Hook Brooklyn comments on public incidents surrounding to a local cherry factory and how the events relate to the changing landscape of the neighborhood.

The event took place during a musical performance in the back yard of a neighbor whose property abutted the factory. Red yarn strung from the factory marked  a circle in the grass. At the end of each string, a jar of cherries had been buried in the Earth. The jars were exhumed one by one and the cherries baked into pies for the guests to eat. Each pie had a letter “baked into it”. The letters were combined by participants on an overhead projector to spell out a surprise message.

The cherry jars were refilled with personal artifacts owned by Pat Murano, the resident who hosted the performance. Each jar was reburied in the Earth for future residents to uncover.  The performance was a ritual memorial for the factory owner and the neighborhood.

The video below was projected with a pico projector onto the wall of the factory in order to give the impression of a flashlight shining an x-ray beam inside to reveal its secrets.

Maraschino X-ray from Jason Schuler on Vimeo.