Untitled Consciousness Project

This participatory performance with interactive media was designed to encourage audiences to explore a collective altered state of consciousness. Inspired by rites of passage and initiation,  the event was set in an exploratorium that created shifts in the perception of self, space-time and reality. The journey through the experience engineers an altered state of consciousness that mirrors a […]

The Oracle

The Oracle, an immersive living wax works, transformed The Brick, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, into an exhibition hall where artifacts and a series of live dioramas told the story of Iris Atalanta Lee. A historical figure from the first British Industrial Revolution, Lee was beheaded by the government for inciting a Luddite riot against the automation […]


Artists Justine Williams, Jason Schuler, Vanessa Gilbert and Patricia Faolli collaborated in residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Media Lab, exploring creative ways to use augmented-reality to tour the Museum’s collections. Inspired by community-based social arts, the emerging artists collaborated with established older artists Paul Binnerts, Nancy Gabor, Stephen Hall, Penny Jones and Christina Maile, […]


The Operating Theater’s production of Transatlantica was a re-envisioning of award-winning playwright Kenneth Finkle’s lunatic fable about the denial of death. Transatlantica tells the story of Dr. Reginald Reinhold, whose session with an eccentric patient is interrupted by news that his wife is dying. By coincidence, the patient, too, is dying, as is every subsequent visitor […]

Van Driver

Revolutionary, wordsmith, and world explorer, Waldo “Van” Driver spread his wisdom in the West Village as part of The Cherry Lane Theater’s Cherry Pit Late Nite series – a flashback to the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, Van Driver is a 1960’s style happening exploring life-altering experiences and the bohemian counter-culture. Waldemer Driver, best known as […]